Introduction to the pre-header

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The pre-header is the first text part of a newsletter, positioned above the content. In most cases, the pre-header presents a link similar to If this message is not displayed correctly, click here, which redirects to the online version of the newsletter. This is useful as many email programs and providers (such as Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail) block images by default. Other examples of pre-headers are an unsubscribe link, or a hint about adding the sender to the recipient's address book.

To insert a pre-header, click New: Pre-Header in the template editor. You can use several pre-headers and assign them to target groups to restrict the pre-header to certain recipient segments.

Change the settings described below as desired and confirm by clicking Apply.


Parameter Description
Preview Text Add a text that will be shown in the the recipient's mailbox but invisible in the email body.
Text Enter the pre-header text, such as a reference and link to the online version.
Use Text as Preview Text Use the pre-header text as preview text (see above). If you have defined a separate preview text and activate this option, the preview text will be overwritten by the text in the pre-header.
Show in Online Version Select to include this paragraph in the online version.
Show in Desktop Version Select to include this paragraph in the desktop mailing.
Show in Mobile version Select to show the paragraph in the mobile version of the mailing. The Activate mobile version setting in the general settings must be activated for this option to take effect.
Show in Text Version Select to show the paragraph in the text version of the mailing.


Use these settings to define a pre-header layout that is from the default newsletter settings.

Parameter Description
Width Enter an integer value in pixels.
Alignment Select a value from the drop-down list.
Background Color To define the color, enter a hexadecimal value preceded by # (such as #000000). The depiction of non-hex web colors may vary from the original, depending on the browser.
Padding Enter an integer value.
Width Enter the width of the mobile newsletter in percentage.

Click profiles

Parameter Description
Click Profiles Clicks on any link in this paragraph are allocated to the selected click profiles. See Click profiles.

Target groups

Parameter Description
Target Groups To show this paragraph to one or more target groups only, select them. If more than one target group is selected, just one must match (OR logic). See Target groups.