Creating and editing campaigns

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This topic describes how to create and edit a campaign in Smart Campaigns. A campaign consists of campaign elements (nodes) that you configure and connect together. Also learn how to use campaign drafts.

Creating a campaign

  1. In the menu bar, select CampaignsSmart Campaigns.
  2. Click Create….

    Image: Creating a campaign

  3. In the Select a Campaign Draft window, in the Draft drop-down list:
    • To create a new campaign, click ---Empty draft--- then Apply.
    • To edit an existing draft, select one from the drop-down list and click Apply.

    Image: Selecting a draft

  4. Drag the nodes from the left action area to the working area on the right. See Editing nodes.
  5. Click Save or Save and Close.
  6. In the dialog box, enter a name for the campaign and click Save.

    Image: Saving the campaign

    If you neglect to insert elements or parameters, a notification appears. To save the campaign anyway and complete the missing details later, click Force Save, or Keep Editing and complete the missing details.The new campaign is displayed in the Smart Campaigns overview.

Editing a campaign

To edit an existing campaign, select the required campaign from the list in the Campaigns window and click Edit. Proceed as described from step 4 in the Creating a campaign section.

Editing nodes

The campaign modules for Smart Campaigns are called nodes, and they appear in the left action area.

Required elements:

Optional elements:

Editing options for nodes and connections include:

  • Insert. Drag and drop a node to the working area.

    Image: Dragging a node

  • Connect. Click the node and draw a connection to the target node. Each node has connection points at the right, left, upper, and lower side and in the middle.

    A campaign node must connect other nodes.

    Image: Connecting nodes

  • Delete. Hover over the item and click Optimizely image. Alternatively, select the item and press [Del].
  • Properties. Hover over the item and click Optimizely image. Alternatively, double click the item.

    Image: Edit properties

Editing tools

  • Optimizely image Undo (CTRL + Z) . Revoke the last action. Every additional click revokes another action.
  • Optimizely image Redo (CTRL + Y). Restore previously-revoked action. Every additional click restores another action.
  • Optimizely image Cut (CTRL + X). Cut out selected items and temporarily copy them to the clipboard.
  • Optimizely image Copy (CTRL + C). Copy selected items to the clipboard.
  • Optimizely image Paste (CTRL + V). Insert elements you previously cut out or copied.

Navigating tools

  • Optimizely image Zoom in. Zoom in the working area. Each click magnifies the working area to the next zoom level.
  • Optimizely image Zoom out. Zoom out the working area. Each click reduces the working area to the next zoom level.
  • Optimizely image Actual size. Restore original view.
  • Optimizely image Fit on screen (Show all). Display all items in the working area.
  • Minimap. Navigate a campaign by dragging the yellow rectangle in the left action area to the place you want to go to. To zoom in or out of the working area using the minimap, click and drag the bottom right corner of the yellow rectangle either to the left (zoom in) or right (zoom out).

Campaign drafts

When you create or edit a Smart Campaigns, a draft version is saved periodically. If the campaign is closed unintentionally, you can retrieve the latest version. To do that, click Create and select the draft from the Select Campaign Draft window.

Drafts are saved with the date and time. You can use the timestamp to find even unnamed campaigns that have not been manually saved.