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Let the professionals educate you - live or via recorded video training. Optimizely offers a range of regular and customized training formats aimed at both beginners and experienced users. If you would like individual training, please contact customer support.

Individual trainings


With an individual, web-based training you will learn how to use the software in a very short time. The training courses are held for up to five participants with the help of the web learning software Zoom. Optimizely uses realistic scenarios to teach the basic functions of Optimizely Campaign. If you would like to add more topics to the training, you can discuss the content with the trainer in advance and make an appointment. The training courses last from one and a half hours to a maximum of two hours. The participants need a telephone and Internet access for the briefing.


This training format is suitable for getting to know the software intensively and for conveying special scenarios. Optimizely develops a training program with tasks and gives an intensive introduction into the use of Optimizely Campaign. The standard modules include recipient import and administration, creating and sending mailings, creating and interpreting reports. On request, we can integrate content and exercises into the training that correspond to your specific application scenarios. After the training, all participants receive handouts. The training is designed for a maximum of five participants. Premises, a projector, a computer for the trainer and, if possible, one computer for each participant (all computers must have an Internet connection) are provided by you.