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Assets can be content of the type media files, images, documents, blocks or products from the catalogs in Optimizely Customized Commerce. Assets are available from the assets pane in both Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) and Optimizely Customized Commerce, making it easy to drag-and-drop items, such as images, blocks or products into a page.

You can work directly with content from the assets pane, such as edit images or blocks, or create folders to organize content items. The context menu will provide different options depending on the type of assets selected. How to work with content items in the assets pane is described in the following topics:

See Best practices for organizing assets for tips on where to store your assets and how to name them and so on.

By default, the assets pane contains Blocks and Media with the addition of Catalog entries for Optimizely Customized Commerce. Since the assets pane is a plug-in area, there might be other asset types available in your view.