Optimizely Email Recommendations

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The Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP) contains many features to support you in your daily work. Depending on how your solution is set up, some features described in this documentation may not be available.

Email Recommendations enrich a campaign by adding personalized product or content suggestions to the email template. Also, marketers can construct the entire email around personalized products or content suggestions for the ultimate 1-to-1 email communication. Email Recommendations dramatically increase click-through rates and engagement to drive more revenue through the email channel.

You can send email recommendations with products or content with Email Product Recommendations and Email Content Recommendations. Configuring email for product or content recommendations is similar. Each type generates HTML links to insert into your email templates.

Each email recipient gets dynamically generated, personalized product or content recommendations based on the visitor's browsing behavior on your website. So, each recipient gets personalized product or content suggestions relevant to the individual.

Configuring Email Recommendations is simple, with strategy, filtering, and fine-tuning options. The recommendations tool is ESP-agnostic, and no complex integration is required.

Optimizely tracking and Email Recommendations assign a unique Customer User ID (CUID) to any device the visitor uses to connect to your website. When a visitor is identified on the site—by logging in, browsing your site, placing an order, or otherwise providing an email address, or by clicking a product or content recommendation in an email they received – Optimizely automatically converts the CUID into a KUID (Known User ID) that links behavior that is tracked on the device to the user's email address. This enables instant delivery of product or content suggestions according to specified strategies and the visitor's behavior.

Optimizely automatically connects the different CUIDs to a single KUID associated with that email address if a visitor connects on another device. In this way, personalized recommendations work consistently across the devices a visitor engages in.

You can add HTML links to your campaign to generate the images within the campaign.

Logging into email recommendations

You can access Email Recommendations through the Optimizely Recommendations Portal.

  1. Log in to the Recommendations Portal with your credentials. If you do not have your login details, contact developers@optimizely.com.
  2. Click the Configuration tab in the navigation bar. In Email Product Recommendations and Email Content Recommendations, you can create a campaign, import and export campaigns, and view or edit the campaigns that you have already set up.


    • Edit – Click Edit or a campaign name to open the configuration page for that campaign.
    • Status – Click Activate it to switch on a campaign or Pause it to switch off a campaign.
    • Delete – Click Delete to delete a campaign. A confirmation box appears.
    • Copy – Click Copy to create a duplicate of an existing campaign. Then click Edit for the new campaign to make changes to it.