Quick Order

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Use the Quick Order page so your customers who visit frequently can quickly search for, view, and add items to the cart all in one place. The Quick Order page also includes the Order Upload functionality.

Depending on your site's design and navigation, you can allow your customers to access the Quick Order page in various ways. You may include a link in your website's navigation at the top of your site, or add the Quick Order a widget to your home page using the CMS.

If you set the Website Access setting to Sign In Required To Add To Cart, your customers must sign in before they will see or can use the Quick Order page or widget. This setting is in the Admin Console under Administration > System > Settings > System Settings > Security.

  1. Search for a product to add from the Quick Order page or widget.
  2. Select the product when it appears, then enter the Quantity and select the Unit of Measure.
  3. Click Add to Order. This order line appears on the form.

    If customers select a parent product, the system prompts to select the product options before they can add the item to the Quick Order form.

  4. Repeat for as many items as needed. The most recently added items appear at the top of the Quick Order form as you add them. This order reverses when adding these items to the cart, which shows the order the customer entered the items.
  5. When finished, the customer clicks Add All to Cart & Check Out. Customers can click Add All to List to instead add all items to a new or existing list.
  6. Customers will receive a confirmation message before the system brings up the cart with the items from the Quick Order. Items appear in the order added to the Quick Order form.
  7. Customers complete the normal checkout process.

A user can search for any product in the Admin Console that has an activation date set, even if the product is not assigned to a category or is assigned as a variant.