Android-SDK - 3.13.0

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January 11th, 2022

New Features

This release updates the SDK to use the Optimizely [Java SDK 3.10.0]( which includes the following:

* Add a set of new APIs for overriding and managing user-level flag, experiment and delivery rule decisions. These methods can be used for QA and automated testing purposes. They are an extension of the OptimizelyUserContext interface.
- setForcedDecision
- getForcedDecision
- removeForcedDecision
- removeAllForcedDecisions

- For details, refer to our documentation pages: [OptimizelyUserContext]( and [Forced Decision methods](

Bug Fixes

* Unschedule background polling worker when interval is not set. This fixes the bug that a polling worker scheduled before is not disabled when Optimizely is initialized again with polling disabled. ([#397](