Javascript-SDK - 3.4.0

## [3.4.0] - January 21th, 2020

### Bug fixes
- Fixed incorrect payload for decision notification triggered by calling getVariation on a feature test in a mutex group([#375](

### New Features
- Added a new API to get project configuration static data.
- Call `getOptimizelyConfig()` to get a snapshot of project configuration static data.
- It returns an `OptimizelyConfig` instance which includes a datafile revision number, all experiments, and feature flags mapped by their key values.
- Added caching for `getOptimizelyConfig` - `OptimizelyConfig` object will be cached and reused for the lifetime of the datafile.
- For details, refer to our documentation page: [](

### Removed Features
- Removed support for `'launched'` experiment status.
- Previously, experiments with status `'running'` or `'launched'` would return non-`null` variations from `activate` and `getVariation`, and generate impression events from `activate`.
- Now, only `'running'` experiments will return non-`null` variations and generate impressions.