Javascript-SDK - 4.8.0

  • Updated


November 29, 2021


New Features

- Added a Lite bundle which does not include Data file manager and Event Processor packages. This reduces the bundle size up to 20% and is helpful for some platforms (such as edge service providers) that do not need extended functionality offered by these packages.
- Removed Client engine validation in the SDK to allow tracking events from new clients without modifying SDK code.

Performance Improvements

- Reduced SDK client initialization time by removing `OptimizelyConfig` creation from initialization. The `OptimizelyConfig` object is now created on the first call to `getOptimizelyConfig` API.
- Made Improvements to logging mechanism. The SDK no longer concatenates and formats messages which do not qualify for the log level set by the user.


- Updated `json-schema` package version to `0.4.0` to fix a high-severity vulnerability ([Prototype Pollution](