Python-SDK - 4.0.0

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[4.0.0] - January 12th, 2022


New Features

Add a set of new APIs for overriding and managing user-level flag, experiment and delivery rule decisions. These methods can be used for QA and automated testing purposes. They are an extension of the OptimizelyUserContext interface ([#361](, [#365](, [#369](

  • setForcedDecision
  • getForcedDecision
  • removeForcedDecision
  • removeAllForcedDecisions

For details, refer to our documentation pages: [OptimizelyUserContext]( and [Forced Decision methods](

Breaking Changes:

  • Support for `Python v3.4` has been dropped as of this release due to a security vulnerability with `PyYAML <v5.4`.>
  • We no longer support `Python v2.7, v3.5, and v3.6` including `PyPy` as of this release. ([#377](
  • We now support `Python v3.7 and above` including `PyPy3`.