Brands Elements widgets

  • Updated

Brands Elements widgets are available on the Brands page and provide additional functionality for your Configured Commerce website.


Read more about each of these widgets below.

Brand Gallery

Use this widget to display a gallery of your brands for customers to choose from. This widget is also contextual, allowing you to change the way content displays on different-sized screens.

Title – Enter the gallery title.

Brands to Display

  • Random – The gallery displays random brands.
    • Number of brands to display – Choose between 1 and 18.
  • Select brands – The gallery displays brands you select. Use the Select brands dropdown to choose which brands.

Maximum Brands per Row – Choose how many brands to display per row between 1 and 6.

Maximum Brand Image Height – Set the maximum height for brand images to display in pixels. The default value is 100.

Brand List

Use this widget to display a listing of your brands for customers to view.