Cart page widgets

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The Cart page contains widgets to provide additional functionality for your Configured Commerce website.

Common Elements


Promotion Code Form

Add the Promotion Code form to the page for customers to add or remove promotions to their cart.

Cart Elements


Read more about each of these widgets below.

Cart Actions

Add cart actions to the page for customers to use, such as Save Order and Add All to List. This widget is not configurable.

Cart Lines

Use this widget to add cart lines to the page. This is where products added by the user display.

Show Line Notes – Select whether to show line notes. This setting does not apply to Punchout orders, which never display line notes.

Cart Total

Display the cart total on the page. This widget is not configurable.

Fulfillment Method Selector

Add the ability to select a fulfillment method, such as Ship or Pick Up. This widget is not configurable.

Page Container

Use this widget as an overall container for all cart elements.

Page Header

Add a header to the page.