Checkout – Review and Submit Elements widgets

  • Updated

The Review and Submit Elements for your Checkout Page provide additional functionality for your Configured Commerce website.


Read more about each of these widgets below. These widgets are not configurable.

Action Buttons

Use this widget to add buttons to help customers go Back or Place Order.

Carrier & Service

Add functionality to choose a shipping service based on the customer's location.

Cart Total

Use this widget to display the cart total.

Page Container

Create the layout for elements on the page.

Page Header

Add a header to the page.

Payment Details

Add a place for customers to select their Payment Method and enter a PO Number.

Product List

Show a listing of products in the customer's cart.

Promotion Code Form

Add a place for the customer to enter a promotion code for their order.

Shipping Info

Allow the customer to view and edit their Billing and Shipping information.