Invoice History Elements widgets

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The Invoice History page contains additional widgets you can use to add functionality to your Configured Commerce website.


Read more about each of the widgets below.

Aging Buckets

Use this widget to display a customer's aging buckets. By default, the widget displays five buckets and the calculated total. You can set Aging Group Labels in the Admin Console to rename each column.


Page Header

Add the Invoice History header to the page which also displays how many invoices and a filter option. This widget is not configurable.


Display pagination options if the invoices span more than one page. This widget is not configurable.

Search Results Filter

Allow customers to filter search results. Select any of the following options:

  • Ship To Address
  • Invoice #
  • Order #
  • PO #
  • Date Range
  • Status

Search Results Table

Display results from a customer's invoice history search. Select any of the following options:

  • Invoice # (required)
  • Invoice Date
  • Terms
  • Due Date
  • Ship To/Pick Up
  • PO #
  • Status
  • Invoice Total
  • Current Balance