My Lists Elements widgets

  • Updated

The My Lists page contains additional widgets you can use to add functionality to your Configured Commerce website.

Updated My Lists widgets.png

Read more about each of the widgets below. These widgets are not configurable.

Create List Button

Give users the option to create a new list.


Use this widget to place other widgets in the header, such as Create List Button or Search Box.


Display the list of lists.

My Lists Filter

Allow users to filter their lists. You can select or deselect the following options:

  • Date Created
  • Updated On
  • Shared By
  • Product Brand

Click Save when done.

My Lists View

Lets users view a select group of lists. This widget contains a drop-down list with options for All, Hidden, Favorites, and Auto-Generated.


Allow customers to move between pages.

Search Box

Allow customers to search for a list by name.

Sort Control

Allow customers to sort the list by Last UpdatedList Name A-Z, or List Name Z-A.