2024 Optimizely Feature Experimentation release notes

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Renamed and released Advanced Audience Targeting to Real-Time Segments for Feature Experimentation. This lets you use Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) real-time segments to build your Feature Experimentation audiences.


Released the ability to link a hypothesis in Experiment Collaboration with an experiment in Optimizely Feature Experimentation.


Released the ability to use bucketing IDs to decouple user bucketing from user identification.  


Functionality improvements

Increased the allowlist total from 10 to 50 users. 

Scheduling API

Released the Scheduling API, which lets you list, create, update, and delete scheduled changes for your Feature Experimentation flags and rules.


Breaking change for SDKs

Released a major version update for the following SDKs. See the SDK's GitHub release notes for details, including breaking changes.

The release includes Advanced Audience Targeting, which was renamed to Real-Time Segments for Feature Experimentation in May 2024