Upgrade the Configured Commerce-PIM connector

  • Updated

Upgrades of the Optimizely Product Information Management (PIM) to Optimizely Configured Commerce code are part of the Configured Commerce deploy process. The newest version of the PIM integration code will always be deployed when Configured Commerce is deployed, regardless of the Configured Commerce version, so you do not need to upgrade Configured Commerce to get PIM-specific integration updates or fixes. If you need an integration fix but do not want to upgrade, Optimizely can re-deploy your Configured Commerce version with only integration fixes or updates.

You can request a deployment using the Configured Commerce deployment form. If you want to get the latest integration code without upgrading commerce, specify this in the request. See Deployment process to learn more about the deployment process.

To avoid confusion, please indicate in your request that you need your current extensions code redeployed to get the latest PIM connector.