• SMTP Test Template

    DescriptionSample template to test Ektron SMTP configurations from the web.config. ResolutionCode Download

  • Solr Search Boosting

    DescriptionBoosting is a Solr feature that allows for query time reordering of search results. A developer can change the rank of results by specifying additional terms that should be ranked higher than default. For example, to find items that contain either Epi or Cloud, you would normally search for Epi OR Cloud. With boosting, you can influence the order of the returned results. Let's say you want results for both terms but want documents with Cloud to appear above documents that do not c...

  • SOLR Security Trimming Sample

    DescriptionCurrently SOLR search does not support security trimming for search results meaning that private content can be searched (though when trying to access the content permissions will be applied). Many people have been asking for this to be added and it is currently being worked on in the product.The sample below does a search and passes the results through the content view control which does the security trimming at the time of search. The sample also includes pagination of results.*...

  • Taxonomy Menu Sample

    DescriptionThis code sample allows you to create a menu from a taxonomy in the workarea. To use this sample, create a new taxonomy in the workarea and add a new node for each menu item. Use the category link field to provide the link to the content item.The sample is using bootstrap and should work with all device sizes. Note : Taxonomy nodes themselves are not checked for permissions so if you need to handle that, you'll need to tweak the code a bit. ResolutionCode Download

  • Templated Search Control With Paging

    DescriptionSample of the templated search control that includes pagination. Also includes ability to pass a query through the url. Updated to now show how to implement an asp panel to control enter key functionality. ResolutionCode Download

  • Updated Youtube Video Widget

    DescriptionThe download below is a copy of the YouTubeVideo widget from version 9.1 SP1 updated to use the iFrame embed method instead of the object tag. This will give greater browser compatability especially with Safari on the iPad. We have now updated this code to support the v3 version of the youtube api. Some functionality has been removed but search is fully functional with prev/next pagination. ResolutionCode DownloadPlease the code in the /widgets folder in the site root.  You w...

  • Using Authentication tokens to authenticate a user in a 3-tier environment

    DescriptionThis is an example on how to authenticate users to leverage the Ektron APIs in a 3-tier environment. This is also the same process to leverage the API's in a console application as well as in MVC.ResolutionThis example demonstrates how to request the authentication token of a user and pass it in to the Content Manager.GetList.   //Here we are calling the user object to allow us to use the authenticate method to pass the user data in. Ektron.Cms.Framework.User.UserManager _userMana...

  • Using FolderIdPath with AdvancedQueryText in SiteSearch Control

    DescriptionSome users have reported an issue searching by folder id path with using the AdvancedQueryText property of the SiteSearch Control when in the code behind. ResolutionThe code above should have the complete id path to work properly. For example. uxSearchController.AdvancedQueryText = string.Format("({0}={1}) AND {2}:{3}", Ektron.Cms.Search.SearchContentProperty.ContentType, 1, Ektron.Cms.Search.SearchContentProperty.FolderIdPath, "121/71/78/94/"); For more inf...

  • Using Framework API to simulate ListSummary Server Control.

    DescriptionThe sample demonstrates the use of the LibraryManager and FolderManager Framework APIs to pull all content types in a folder similar to the ListSummary Server Control.  ResolutionThe API has been placed in a user control called ListSummaryView and has been placed on a test template for testing.  The control accepts two properties at this time.  This can be customized further with the addition of more properties and different display outputs. FolderID - The id of the content f...

  • Using the Framework API in the context of a Web Service

    DescriptionThe following code sample shows how to create a custom Web service that exposes the Framework API for use in a Web service. You should use this method when you implement Web Services within Ektron because of the increased performance and discoverability of the Framework API.Resolution<%@ WebService Language="C#" class="ContentManagerWebService" %> using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Web; using System.Web.Services; using Ektron.Cms; using...

  • WCF sample application using strictly Ektron services.

    DescriptionThis is a WCF application sample using the Ektron services for test purposes. This sample demonstrates how to add content to your site using a WCF Application. This application was tested on 9.1 SP1 with the latest CU.  ResolutionCode Sample To use this sample:Download the sample and open it in Visual Studio (rested with 2012).In the App.Config file, change the endpoint addresses to match your site's endpoint: Example: "http://"Your Site"/workarea/services/ContentServ...

  • WebCalendar Server Control Test Template

    DescriptionSample template to test Ektron Web Calendar Server Control functionality.Sample URL would look like this:.../WebCalendarSC.aspx?calendar_id="55" ResolutionCode Download

  • WebEventManager Calendar Output Sample

    DescriptionThis sample template allows you to get an output of calendar events based on specified criteria using the WebEventManager Framework API. This sample does not contain a master page for testing purposes.ResolutionCode Sample Related LinksWebEventManager Reference Guide

  • WebSearch Server Control

    DescriptionThis is a sample template that contains the legacy Web Search Server control to test. ResolutionCode Download

  • Working with Blog Subscriptions

    DescriptionThis sample covers how to retrieve, add, and remove blog subscriptions using the API. Resolutionlong blogid = 30; private string RemoveSubscription(HttpContext context) { try { Ektron.Cms.ContentAPI _contentAPI = new Ektron.Cms.ContentAPI(); _contentAPI.AddWatch(blogid, Ektron.Cms.Common.EkEnumeration.CMSObjectTypes.Blog, _contentAPI.UserId, -1, Ektron.Cms.Common.EkEnumeration.NotificationType.Never); return "false"; ...

  • Working With Blogs API

    DescriptionThere is currently no framework manager API for Blogs so using the legacy APIs is appropriate.  Here are some code samples for working with the Blogs API. ResolutionAdd Blog: Ektron.Cms.API.Content.Blog bapi = new Ektron.Cms.API.Content.Blog(); long folderid = 0; //where to add the blog bool allowcomments = true; bool moderatecomments = false; bool requireauth = false; Ektron.Cms.BlogRoll rolllinks = new Ektron.Cms.BlogRoll(); long blogid = bapi.AddBlog(folderid, "Blo...

  • XML Search Sample

    DescriptionXML Templated Control Search Sample. Automatically pulls in the smartform id's to perform the search on.ResolutionCode Download