What is the Configured Commerce Mobile SDK?

  • Updated

Optimizely is now selling its Configured Commerce Mobile App solution as an SDK that allows customers to customize and deploy the code via a certified partner or directly through Apple and Android app stores. Because Optimizely no longer provides the previous implementation method, customers who purchased the Configured Commerce Mobile App before April 2023 but have not implemented it should talk with their CSM about their options.

The Optimizely Configured Commerce Mobile SDK is the foundation of a customizable native mobile app built for Configured Commerce. Optimizely provides the Mobile SDK code repository to you and your partner during onboarding.


Optimizely provides the base code repository and updates for the Mobile SDK, and you work directly with your partner to configure, develop, customize, and deploy your app.

Sandbox setup

Optimizely ensures the code repository is properly initialized and that settings and configuration are correctly transferred.

You and your partner must download, configure, and test the Mobile SDK to prepare the app for production deployment. This includes any customizations that differ from the base code, such as branding assets and other personalizations.  

Production setup

After configuration and testing, your app is ready to be set up for production deployment. Work with your partner to verify all configurations specific to the Mobile SDK. Ensure nothing else needs to be updated or changed for the production environment.

User acceptance testing

You should thoroughly test your application before launch. During user acceptance testing, you should work your partner to resolve and prioritize any concerns that are found during testing. It is your responsibility to find and fix any bugs created from customizations. Optimizely is only responsible for the base code in the Configured Commerce SDK repository. 


After development and testing is complete, your app is ready to launch. You and your partner must create accounts in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store to deploy your app for customers.