Visitor groups not collecting data

  • Updated

When using Visitor Groups in Episerver, the Visitor Group Statistics widget doesn't appear to be collecting statistics for the Visitor Groups.

  1. The statistics are not updated immediately, but by default every 20 minutes. For testing you can decrease the value to for example one minute. Here is the documentation and sample:
    <visitorGroupStatistics commitToRepositoryInterval="0.00:01:00" enabled="true" />
  2. Even when set to 1 minute for saving statistics, you still may not see the results on the dashboard widget. Assuming you also have simple criteria with the StartPage as visited page, you will need to 
    setup a personalized ContentArea to use that visitor group. Then once the Visitor Group was evaluated the statistics was added.  Below is a sample of the personalization:ContentArea.png
  3. You should try testing by using different browsers as refreshing the page (for example hitting F5) will not increase the statistics (same request fill be filtered out).