Weekday property is not working in CMS 11

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Episerver CMS: 11.3.1

1. Create a PageType with the Core property WeekDay like below: 
public virtual Weekday ValidDays { get; set; }

2. When going to the all properties mode in the edit mode, the following property is not being rendered properly (see image below).


This seemed to be working in CMS 10.x.x but have for some unclear reason stopped working in CMS 11.x.x.


There is a bug regarding this issue that is now in review


A workaround is to add "[UIHint(UIHint.Legacy)]" attribute on the property.

public virtual Weekday ValidDays { get; set; }

That was breaking change that we forgot to document. All properties that use LegacyEditorDescriptor have to be annotated with this UIHint (except Weekday property, where the legacy editor will be available without UIHint).
We will also update the breaking changes document for EPiServer 11.