Unable to empty Episerver trash due to corrupt files or excessive files.

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If there are an excessive number of entries within the trash bin or if there are corrupted items within the trash it may not be able to be emptied as expected within the CMS UI. for this reason we recommend having the trash bin emptied periodically to avoid issues.

There is a scheduled job called "Automatic Emptying of Trash" that can be used to periodically clear the trash bin. If there are an excessive number of entries or a corrupted item within the trash bin the following database query can be used to clear the trash.

We highly recommend backing up the database before attempting any direct manipulation.

EXEC editDeleteChilds @PageID = 2, @ForceDelete = 1

In some cases it has been found that some customers have too many items to be deleted in one run of the query. In this case the above query may need to be run multiple times to fully clear out the trash. The following query can be used to confirm how many entries currently exist within the content table that are flagged for deletion.

select * from tblContent where Deleted = 1