How to remove search server 2010 configuration

  • Updated

Here are the steps to completely remove a previous search server configuration. This is helpful when you are attempting to register your CMS site with a replacement search server. 

First make backups of the database and c:\windows\system32\siteconfiguration.xml

  1. Clear out the following tables in the CMS database.
  2. If this is the only site that you're registering with the Search Server, you can also remove the siteconfiguration.xml:
  3. Restart SharePoint Server Search 14 Windows service.
  4. Delete c:\windows\system32\siteconfiguration.xml.
  5. Restart the Ektron Search Server Service.
  6. Restart the Ektron Windows Service(on the CMS server).
  7. Delete the content source in Sharepoint.
  8. Register your new site and confirm that the correct information is listed on the leftmost drop down.