Error with 9.4 SP1 Solr Installation - Failed to create the EktronSolrSearch2.0 website or application pool

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In 9.4 SP1, SSL was added to Ektron's Solr implementation. As a requirement for this, the Solr installer must create java based security certificates. In order to create those certificates, the system variable Path must be set or else the following error will occur. 

Failed to create the EktronSolrSearch2.0 website or application pool.

The error can also occur due to where the installer was run from. See both resolutions below.


1) Java Path

  1. On the Start menu, click Control Panel >  System.
  2. In the System Properties dialog, click the Advanced tab, then Environment Variables.
  3. Double click the Path variable in the System variables section. 
    Please note that the system variables frame is not the same as the user variables.
  4. In the resulting popup window click new.
  5. Add the /bin path. If there are two bin paths add a second path to the variable. 

Here is what it should look like once finished. 
2) Installer location

Ensure the installer is run from the C:\ drive. The failure to install Solr when running on drives other than C:\ should be fixed in Ektron's 9.5 implementation of Solr.