Ektron Solr Node Status Error – Node Status isn’t able to communicate to the Admin Service

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The Node Status page in the workarea shows an error:

"No response was received while attempting to contact the Ektron Solr Search Admin service."

Note: This will affect all customers using 9.2 versions of Solr if the latest cumulative site update has not been applied. 

Solr cannot talk to the Admin service on the Solr server. This could be due a multi-layer issue. As examples: 

  • You are using any of the 9.2 versions of Solr and do not have site update 6 or higher applied.
    9.2SP1 Site Update 
  • The Admin service cannot communicate with the ManifoldCF page, because the ManifoldCF page cannot communicate to the crawldb for Solr.
  •  The Admin service isn't started on the Solr server.
  •  A permission issue.
  • A firewall communication issue.


Review the following for additional assistance with the Node Status error:

Check to see if the Admin service is started on the Solr server.

Check the Admin service logs for more information, followed by the crawl logs for more details. 


  • :\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\Search2.0\Administrative Service - Admin Service Logs
  • :\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\Search2.0\ManifoldCF\logs - Crawl Logs


Navigate to this URL on the Solr server in Chrome/Firefox (IE will elicit a download if it works): http://localhost:7601/solr/status

Navigate to this URL on the CMS server in Chrome/Firefox (IE will elicit a download if it works): http://solr host name here:7601/solr/status (A log in box will pop up; insert the Solr search account user/password).

The response will be a large statement, which the desired result:

 {"IsStandalone":true,"SolrEndpoint":null,"ManifoldEndpoint":null,"SolrQueryUserData":{"Domain":null,"User":null},"CoreName":null,"CrawlInterval":"00:00:00","SolrNodeSearchState":{"solr server host name":{"SolrNodeState":{"Host":null,"SolrEndpoint":null,"ManifoldEndpoint":null,"ContentJobState":{"Id":0,"Description":null,"CrawlType":0,"JobStatus":0,"CrawlStartTime":"0001-01-01T00:00:00","CrawlEndTime":"0001-01-01T00:00:00","CrawlDuration":"00:00:00","CurrentAction":0,"PendingAction":0,"IsCrawlScheduled":false},"UserJobState":{"Id":0,"Description":null,"CrawlType":0,"JobStatus":0,"CrawlStartTime":"0001-01-01T00:00:00","CrawlEndTime":"0001-01-01T00:00:00","CrawlDuration":"00:00:00","CurrentAction":0,"PendingAction":0,"IsCrawlScheduled":false},"CommunityGroupJobState":{"Id":0,"Description":null,"CrawlType":0,"JobStatus":0,"CrawlStartTime":"0001-01-01T00:00:00","CrawlEndTime":"0001-01-01T00:00:00","CrawlDuration":"00:00:00","CurrentAction":0,"PendingAction":0,"IsCrawlScheduled":false},"IsLeader":false,"SolrNodeStatusResponse":{"Success":false,"ErrorCode":"UNKNOWN_ERROR","Details":["An unexpected error occurred while retrieving Solr configuration for Core  from Search Configuration database","The 'collectionName' cannot be null or empty.\r\nParameter name: collectionName"]}},"SolrProcessState":{"Endpoint":"http:// solr server host name:7609/status","ProcessState":[{"Name":"Apache ZooKeeper","Host":"meowkari.intra.ektron.com","Activity":"Idle","IsRunning":false,"IsInitialized":false},{"Name":"Apache Tomcat","Host":" solr server host name ","Activity":"Idle","IsRunning":true,"IsInitialized":true},{"Name":"HSQLDB","Host":"meowkari.intra.ektron.com","Activity":"Idle","IsRunning":true,"IsInitialized":true},{"Name":"Apache ManifoldCF","Host":" solr server host name ","Activity":"Idle","IsRunning":true,"IsInitialized":true}],"SolrProcessStatusResponse":{"Success":true,"ErrorCode":null,"Details":[]}}}},"SolrClusterStatusResponse":{"Success":true,"ErrorCode":null,"Details":[]}}


If the Solr Status page throws an error, investigate the error as needed.

If the log in failed, then that account's information is incorrect or was inserted incorrectly.

If the response "Page cannot be displayed" occurs then there's a communication/permission issue most likely. The Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application should give more information for additional troubleshooting. To check for communications, a telnet command or WireShark is recommended to test if the port, 7601 is open.