Pages Search in CMS Edit UI does not return results.

  • Updated

When you enter the CMS Edit page and pull down the tree menu, if you use the search functionality to find a page no results are returned even when they should be. 

This error occurs when having both Lucene and Find configured as providers. The UI only allows one at a time. This KB applies to using the Lucene provider and not Find. If using Find, please disregard. 

This is a known bug in the CMS product, if your experiencing this issue please follow the below steps to implement a work around.

  1. Log into the CMS and open the Admin page.
  2. Click on the Config tab from the left side navigation pane.
  3. Open the Search Configuration page, it should be one of the last options under Tool Settings.
  4. Uncheck all but the "Find files", "Find blocks", and "Find pages" and save the changes.

This should allow you to bypass the bug and search for pages in the Edit UI search. If your search is still not working after this please contact Episerver support for further assistance.