How do I change my integration type?

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The first step for a change of integration type will be to formalize your interest with the Episerver Service Desk. Your account manager will be informed and make contact to confirm the commercial aspect of the change.

In order to change your integration type with Episerver Personalization, you will work with the personalization team over the course of a 1 months development sprint to complete the necessary work.

There are 3 major steps in the process:

1. We will need to verify your feed. (Please refer to the Feed Spec document)

2. Implement the tracking. (Please refer to the Javascript API Integration Guide)

3. Implement the recommendations.

The process is bespoke to each client for each available integration method:

  1. Kick-off/Scoping Meeting
  2. Scope of Work
  3. Integration
  •  Product feed: Ensuring the feed is accurate and stable is required before we can proceed to the next stages. Refer to the feed specification document linked above. Please review this and let the Episerver Personalization Service Desk know if you have any questions. We can provide a bespoke feed example in RSS format.
  • Tracking: In order for tracking to be set up on your site, you will need to add a one-line script to absolutely every page of the site. Details of this are below.

If you’d like to integrate recommendations on a staging/UAT/test environment, you will need to add the following script to all pages on this test site:

 <script type="text/JavaScript" src="<sitename>" charset="UTF-8"></script>

In this case, we would also need to be able to access (view only) this test environment so would require the URL and login details etc.


The Peerius IP's which would need to be white-listed are as follows:






The tracking script to be added to the live site ( is:

<script type="text/JavaScript" src="//" charset="UTF-8"></script>

The next steps will be as follows:

  • Rendering & styling: Episerver Personalization will be sending recommendations to the site in a JSON array; the information contained in this array will be used by you to render the products in the desired locations and styling; by default Episerver Personalization sends the complete product information available from the product feed, however this can be controlled on your end and changed to ‘refCodeOnly’, in which case we would only be sending the ref codes (SKU numbers) of the products and you would need to access the rest of the information from your own systems (e.g. Hybris)
  • Configuration: Episerver Personalization will configure the strategy for the recommendations based on the signed off Scope of Work and taking into account any specific rules provided
  • Review: Recommendations will be available for review on the test site and/or on the live site under a special URL parameter (Episerver Personalization "SPR Key" so they will not be visible to all visitors)
  • Go-live: upon sign off Episerver Personalization will remove the URL parameter or SPR Key and recommendations will be displayed to all site visitors.

These steps will be discussed in more detail during the technical kick off call once you are allocated a project manager as all clients will benefit from a bespoke set up.

If you would like to discuss changing integration type, then please contact the Episerver Service Desk.