• How do I exclude products from recommendations?

    To exclude a specific product from showing up in recommendations universally on the whole site an exclusion can be made for the specific product. See the documentation for Applying exclusions for more details on this interface. When configuring a widget if a category of items should be excluded from recommendations, such as excluding all warranties, then a rule excluding a certain category of product can be configured. See the Defining product recommendation rules documentation for more infor...

  • Can current behaviour be taken over to a new site?

    If you are updating your existing site then yes behaviour can be taken to a new site but there are certain considerations eg are the product codes remaining the same, is the site structure changing etc. It is best to discuss the detail of your requirements by contacting developersupport@episerver.com.

  • Why does Episerver Personalization need to have access to our staging environment?

    We need to review the code prior to going live to ensure that there are no errors which will cause issues with the integration and potential errors on the Episerver Personalization live environment.

  • Is there a reference site that I can look at as an example of a current integration?

    A live instance of the Native integration can be seen here: https://perform-demo.epi-uk.net   The Quicksilver project as best practice starting point for installing Native is available in the Episerver Commerce reference architecture:  https://github.com/episerver/Quicksilver   You can find more information about how to set up and configure Perform here:  http://world.episerver.com/blogs/Quan-Mai/Dates/2017/3/episerver-perform-integration-for-commerce/

  • Can Episerver Personalization integrate with our CMS?

    Yes Episerver Personalization can integrate with your CMS, but dependent on the integration method the level of integration will vary. Please see Q:What exactly is required from a client for this integration?  

  • What exactly is required from a client for integration?

    This is dependent on the integration method. Native integration Set up your development environment. You will need to have an Episerver Commerce site set up in order to utilize the Recommendations package to integrate with Episerver Perform and Reach. Obtain an Episerver Personalization account. An account will be provided to you once an order for Episerver Perform and Reach is placed and approved. Installing and configuring the Recommendations package Customize your Episerver Perform recomm...

  • Which platforms have Episerver Personalization integrated with?

    Episerver Personalization is platform agnostic. Some of the recent platform integration are listed below.  Including but not limited to: ATG Blue Martini BT Fresca Demandware Dot Commerce eCommerca Episerver eVentura Hybris Magento Site Core Snow Valley Venda Websphere

  • Can I integrate Episerver Personalization with a Tag Management system?

    Yes, Episerver Personalization has been integrated through several Tag Management systems. You would have to review the security policies for the Tag Management system you are planning to use with regards to passing user information to us.   

  • What stages are involved in an integration?

    Integrations will follow the below process over the duration of the project: Step 1: Feed Step 2: Tracking Step 3: Rendering & styling Step 4: Setup & Configuration Step 5: Final Review & Go-live

  • What is SPR Key?

    SPR stands for Show Personalized Recommendations. By adding the parameter of  /?spr=1 to your url you are able to review what the recommendations will look like when they are live without them being visible to your customers. eg. www.sitename.com/?spr=1

  • Who is my point of contact throughout the integration?

    You will have a Project Manager allocated to you throughout the integration process and they will be your main point of contact during this time. If in doubt your Project Manager can be contacted on the developersupport@episerver.com mailing list.

  • How long does an integration typically take (elapsed time)?

    The integration deployment time is dependent on the client resource and speed of issue resolution and can be estimated for each integration type as in the table below.

  • What is your QA (Quality Assurance) process?

    During the integration process, all work is reviewed by the integrations team and once they are happy that it meets the required standards, then it is passed to our QA team to do a more thorough functionality and cross-browser testing. It is worth noting that you may get some feedback from the initial reviews by the integrations team and then further feedback from the QA process. Unfortunately this cannot be prevented as it is not possible to push work to QA until all obvious issues have been...

  • Security protocols FAQ

    Below you will find a few frequently asked questions about the security of the Personalization service. Q: In terms of our integration with your system is there any such protocol used? A: We use TLS 1.2 already to encrypt secure connections between our client's website and our service. Q: Are there any certificates used? A: Yes, you can view our certificate via a browser by visiting https://www.peerius.com Q: If you do use protocols/certificates then please let us know what they are and if yo...

  • How do I change my integration type?

    The first step for a change of integration type will be to formalize your interest with the Episerver Service Desk. Your account manager will be informed and make contact to confirm the commercial aspect of the change. In order to change your integration type with Episerver Personalization, you will work with the personalization team over the course of a 1 months development sprint to complete the necessary work. There are 3 major steps in the process: 1. We will need to verify your feed. (Pl...