When does my feed run?

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At least once a day Episerver Personalization will download the product feed which is provided by each of our clients. If you need some information on where your feed is located, please contact Episerver Service Desk and we will direct you to the location of the feed we collect from you.

The majority of feeds will be run automatically at around 2.00am GMT every day.

Episerver Personalization can set up a custom feed run time if you require a more specific time.

For example, if you re-generate/ update your feed every evening at 6pm and would like your customers to see the changes displayed that same evening.

Equally, if you make any changes to your feed, please ensure these changes are communicated to Episerver Personalization before being implemented. This will allow us to make any necessary preparations on our end. We will be able to manually re-run the feed for you once the work is complete, ensuring the changes go live on your site with immediate effect.

If you use the Episerver Native integration (Recommendations Nuget package) you can schedule the frequency of feed exports in the Episerver Admin panel. As soon as a feed export is ready it is automatically picked up and imported by the Personalization system.

Should you wish to enquire further regarding when your feed is run or if you wish to change your feed run time, please contact the Episerver Service Desk at developersupport@episerver.com.