Security protocols FAQ

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Below you will find a few frequently asked questions about the security of the Personalization service.

Q: In terms of our integration with your system is there any such protocol used?
A: We use TLS 1.2 already to encrypt secure connections between our client's website and our service.

Q: Are there any certificates used?
A: Yes, you can view our certificate via a browser by visiting

Q: If you do use protocols/certificates then please let us know what they are and if you are recommending moving to new ones in the near future.
A: We currently have a secure setup and are not planning any upgrades. We conduct regular network penetration, web application penetration and vulnerability scans - so we proactively monitor to patch or upgrade any security issues.

Q: We are going to change protocols to TLS 1.2 asap and want to ensure there will be no communication issues with your system.
A: We don't expect any communication issues as our service is working well without any issues with other clients who have switched to TLS1.2.