Starting Solr crawls manually through Manifold CF

  • Updated

In some cases you may not be able to start a crawl through the CMS UI or you may want to view a crawls status. For those cases you can visit the Status and Job Management page of Manifold CF.

  1. Remote onto your Solr machine.
  2. Browse to your ManifoldCF page(you may be able to browse this URL on your own machine without logging onto the Solr machine). Change SolrMachineName to your search servers computer name.
  3. In the left menu click on Status and Job Management.
  4. On the next screen you will see three jobs, CGroups, Content, and Users. CGroups is for community groups so if you do not want community groups or users crawled there is no need to run it.
  5. Click Start for the job you want to run. Start minimal is rarely used by may be similar to doing an incremental crawl. 
  6. Additional information on the ManifoldCF page can be found here. 
    ManifoldCF documentation