Invalid object name 'ContentCollectionView' on database upgrade

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When running an upgrade to a 9.1+ series from an earlier version of Ektron a Invalid object name 'ContentCollectionView' error message is thrown.

After you may also see this error. 

Error:Invalid object name 'dbo.SiteViewSchemabound'.

Error:Invalid object name 'dbo.ContentCollectionView'.  

This error message is caused by the site missing data entry that is present within later versions of the product.

To upgrade the site to the desired version a manual database upgrade is required. Prior to running the manual upgrade review the following steps.

  1. Backup the site's database.
  2. Run the 'cms400_upgrade.sql' database script within the '\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400vX\Utilities\SiteSetup\Database' directory. Note this script may throw the Invalid object name 'ContentCollectionView' error, but continue through to the following steps.
  3. Run the 'cms400_storedproc.sql' script within the '\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400vX\Utilities\SiteSetup\Database' directory.
  4. Perform a manual database upgrade against the database. Note this will require that the 'cms400_upgrade.sql' and 'cms400_storedproc.sql' scripts be run against the database again in the order specified in the 'CMS400_DB_Scripts.doc' file.