How to edit the eWebEdit400 custom dictionary

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This KB article explains how to edit the language's custom dictionary for eWebEdit400. 

Important! Files stored in the siteroot\workarea folder are overwritten (or deleted) when you upgrade. To avoid problems, back up the images to a folder outside the siteroot\workarea folder .

A language's custom dictionary is created the first time you use the Add to Dictionary  option while spell-checking content in that language. Thereafter,  the dictionary is updated when anyone using that server edits content in that language and uses the Add to Dictionary option. The name of the custom dictionary is formed using:

  • the language code of the content
  • a dash ( - )
  • the word custom
  • the file extension .txt

For example, if the content is French, the file's name is fr-fr-custom.txt . The file is saved to the root/Workarea/Foundation/RadControls/Spell/TDF folder. You can edit the custom dictionary manually using an application that edits .txt files, such as Notepad.