How to add emoticons to a post (eWebEdit400 only)

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Important!  This topic applies to the eWebEdit400 editor only.

This KB article shows how to add an emoticon to a forum post. An emoticon is an icon used to express emotion in a forum post.

Important! Files stored in the siteroot\Workarea folder are overwritten (or deleted) when you upgrade. To avoid problems, back up the images to a folder outside the siteroot\workarea folder.

In the post editor, click the emoticon (  emoticon  ) symbol. 

You can add new emoticons in the Ektron  Workarea > Settings > Configuration > Discussion Boards > Emoticons .

You also can place emoticon images in the following folder: webroot\Workarea\threadeddisc\emoticons . An administrator references these files when new emoticons are created or edited.