Image Editing Issues After Upgrading to latest 9.1 SP2 CU

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After upgrading to version 9.1 SP2 CU, a new image plugin was added to help streamline the editing process. Some customers have experienced issues with this so below is a way to revert back to the 9.1 SP1 implementation. 

(if you are having issues, you can tell if you are using the new plugin if when clicking on an image when editing, the blue box does not appear around the image)

To revert to the previous version of image editing, complete the following steps. 

  1. On the webserver, navigate to your site root
  2. Open the ektron.cms.framework.ui.config file
  3. Locate the tag
  4. Replace ",common/image" with whitespace

    Image Edit

    After Image Plugin

  5. Save the file.