Using the Aloha Editor

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As part of Ektron's Version 8.6 release, Ektron integrated the Aloha Editor in order to provide cleaner markup, broader browser support (IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari), and an open and extensible architecture. Since version 8.6, Ektron has deepened the integration and support for Aloha in the product and Aloha is now the default Editor for Rich Text authoring.


The Aloha Editor supports the standard mainstream editor functions and is extensible through plugins. With plugins, you can add in your own functionality or functionality that you like from our previous iterations of our editors. The following link describes and gives a sample of how to create your own plugin to support functionality that does not currently exist.
How To Create an Aloha Editor Plugin

Ektron's legacy editor, commonly referred to as Content Designer or eWebEdit400, still remains in the CMS to support Smartform and Form creation functionality. As the product progresses the editing enhancements will be focused around the Aloha Editor. Ektron recommends changing the default editor in the product to Aloha Editor if you have not already done so.