Troubleshooting System Notification Emails

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This article goes over some common troubleshooting steps to make sure system emails are working successfully.

Note: This is used for the System Notification functionality NOT the Notification Service

Verify Settings in the web.config file

 Open the web.config file in your website's root folder.

Locate the following section

<!-- SMTP Server configuration -->
<add key="ek_SMTPServer" value="" />
<add key="ek_SMTPPort" value="25" />
<add key="ek_SMTPUser" value="" />
<add key="ek_SMTPPass" value="" />
<add key="ek_SMTP_EnableSsL" value="false" />

For most installs, your ek_SMTPServer and ek_SMTPPort will be the only fields you will need to configure.
Make sure these values are correct, save the web.config and try to send a system notification message.

Verify system email is enabled

System emails must also be enabled in the settings. It is located here. 
Workarea > Settings > Configuration > Setup

Check Enable Sending of System Notification Email  and add a system email  email address. 

If approval system emails fail, verify user's workflow email is enabled. 

In the user settings(settings > users > select user), make sure that Workflow and Task Email says "receiving of e-mail enabled." If not, click edit and make sure "Check to prevent workflow and task emails being sent to this user"  is not checked. 

Testing System Notification messages in the workarea

In the workarea, go to Settings > Configuration > Users.

Find a user that you'd like to send a test email to

Click on the mail icon for that user on the right hand side

Click on the envelope icon on the toolbar and you will be taken to a screen to send the email

Try sending the email. If you receive this email, system notifications are setup correctly. If not your settings may still be incorrect.