Invalid Object name: ActivityPublishTargetQueue Error During Upgrade

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This error message appears during the database upgrade process:


While one may be able to bypass the error by pressing "Ok", after the upgrade finishes, there may be certain odd behaviors like the images inside of the Uploaded Images folder no longer resolve or library thumbnails are not rendering either.

This upgrade error is a database permission issue. It is caused by the ActivityPublishInitiatorQueue and ActivityPublishTargetQueue queues not being owned by the dbo. Instead the permission is set to a specified user. The upgrade scripts do not account for this and will fail. 

The following steps will resolve this issue:

1. Open the database in SQL Management.
2. Create a backup of the database.
3. Browse to the database under Service Broker>Queues
4. The ActivityPublishInitiatorQueue and ActivityPublishTargetQueue are set to a user account and not DBO.
5. The image below shows that the queues were originally set to svc_iusr_webcms and not dbo.  Your user account may vary. Once the script completes it will look like dbo.ActivityPublishInitiatorQueue.
6. Script will be run against the database.  * Note * Change svc_iusr_webcms portion to one shown in your database.

 ALTER SCHEMA dbo TRANSFER svc_iusr_webcms.ActivityPublishInitiatorQueue 

ALTER SCHEMA dbo TRANSFER svc_iusr_webcms.ActivityPublishTargetQueue;

7. Once that is complete you can rerun the upgrade and the error will not appear.