Solr crawls abort with parsing error (JDK Version 7 Build 45)

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If you notice that Solr crawls abort (when looking at the Manifold screen http://servername:7602/mcf-crawler-ui/showjobstatus.jsp ), review the Manifold CF core log, located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\Search1.0\ManifoldCF\core\logs\manifoldcf.txt .

Search for "abort" to find an entry like this:

DEBUG 2014-01-23 09:24:51,570 (Worker thread '17') - Aborting job 1387207413469 due to error 'org.apache.manifoldcf.agents.interfaces.ServiceInterruption: Solr exception during indexing (500): parsing error'

If you see this error, navigate to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features . Here, you can see which Java JDK version is installed. JDK 7 builds 45 and later introduce security updates that cause the above issue.

Prerequisites :
You need SQL credentials to remove the SOLR config database
Access to the Solr installation file

1.) Download Java Kit 7, Build 51 (Windows x64) from Oracle :

2.) Uninstall Solr by running SolrInstall (right click and "Run as Administrator). You need your SQL credentials to remove the Solr config database.

3.) Re-Install Solr per the steps located here:
Setting up Solr Search > Setting up Solr Search on a Single On-Premises (Local) Server

4.) Reregister your site per these directions:
Part 2: Register your Solr Site

5.) Test the Solr crawl functionality to verify that the error reported in the Issue area (above) is fixed.