Clearing the Solr Crawl Database

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ManifoldCF uses the Solr Crawl database to crawl registered sites. The database is based on HSQL, and is located in the Solr search server's file system.

NOTE: It is recommended to reach out to Ektron Support prior to going through the steps if they have not been done before.
NOTE: On sites registered with Solr, these steps may make search unavailable until the sites are re-registered. So, it is recommended to perform them during 'off hours'.

If you are asked by Ektron Support to remove the crawl database, follow these steps:

  1. On the Solr server, open the Services application.
  2. Locate the Ektron Solr Process Manager service and stop it.
  3. Open Windows Explorer.
  4. Go to 
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\Search2.0\ManifoldCF\core\crawldb.
  5. Delete the contents of the syncharea folder but not the folder itself.
  6. Delete all other files in the crawldb folder. When done, only the empty syncharea folder should remain under the crawldb folder.
  7. From the Services application, start the Ektron Solr Process Manager service.
  8. Launch the Ektron Solr Administration Console and re-register your site.