Access Denied for SharePoint Search Service Application

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On 8.5 and higher systems, SharePoint is showing an "Access Denied" error message when attempting to manage a Search Service Application from an account other than the one it was installed with. 

The issue is more with SharePoint than with Ektron, but here's how we typically resolve this issue.

Assuming the user is a Farm Administrator already, the problem isn't actually access to the service application itself. It's apparently access to some irrelevant content that happens to be displayed in a web part on that screen. The workaround is to specify a user policy for your particular user:



· From the Central Administration page, click "Security".


· Under the "Users" heading, click "Specify web application user policy".


· Click the "Add Users" option.


· Click the "Next" button on the first screen.


· Enter your users in the "Choose Users" field and check "Full Control - Has full control" in the "Choose Permissions" options.


· Click the "Finish" button.




You should now have access to manage the search service application.