An update of Solr settings could not be saved (SEARCH_SETTINGS_FAILED)

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You try to register your site with Solr but see the following error message:

Oops! Something went wrong...

An update of the Solr settings could not be saved. Please ensure that the Ektron search configuration database is accessible and try your request again. (Code: SEARCH_SETTINGS_FAILED)

Logs are available for this console and for the Ektron Solr Administrative Service, which may contain additional details.


This error occurs when the CMS site's database was backed up and restored. It was previously registered and working, but after the restoration process, this error is thrown.

To assist with diagnosing the problem, register the site again and then immediately check the Administrative Service logs on the Solr server. These logs are typically found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\Search2.0\Administrative Service, Ektron.Cms.Search.Solr.Admin.txt. Scroll to the bottom of the logs and you'll see an error similar to:

The log for database 'database_SolrConfig' is not available. Check the event log for related error messages. Resolve any errors and restart the database.

To resolve the error in the log, we recommend the following steps to be done during off-hours:

  1. Log into your SQL Server where the database mentioned is being housed.
  2. Take the  'database_SolrConfig' database and put it offline.
  3. Turn the database back online.
  4. Try to register the site again

This acts like a restart function for the database only, instead of completely restarting your SQL server.