Error messages related to Microsoft Search Server and Ektron CMS400.Net

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This article describes reasons for some error messages related to the use of Microsoft Search Server with Ektron CMS400.Net.

If Ektron CMS400.Net contains a large number of assets and performs a full crawl without copying the asset data to the searchtemp folder, the following errors are created in the logs

  • Handler:Failure: errorCode=0x803d000b
  • Handler:There was an error communicating with the endpoint at 'net.tcp://localhost:6080/client'.
  • Handler:There was an error connecting the TCP socket.
  • Handler:The address is already being used.

Since all sockets are in use, no additional actions can be performed. For example, you allow 100 sockets to be used at a time. If all sockets are busy, the next action must wait until a current action finishes. In this state, the following error is generated:

"The address is already being used.Only one usage of each socket address."