How to index and search for smartforms

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This article discusses how to index and search within certain fields in smartforms.

To index a Smart Form field, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Configuration > Smartform Configuration.
  2. Click the data design button of the Smart Form in question.
  3. Right click the field you want to index.
  4. Click Field Properties. The top right corner has an Indexed check box.
  5. Check the box for the field to be indexed, or un-check to have it not indexed.
  6. Click Update. 
  7. Click UPDATE a second time on the next screen which shows the XPaths. If you do not update the second screen it will not work. 

When searching within a smart form, you need to specify the field name, such as: ebi: keyword.

For example, the field's name is "dog" and the keyword being used is "black". The Workarea search needs the following phrase in the search box:  ebidog: black