How to see if your site is re-indexing

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This article explains how to check if your site is being indexed, whether you are using Solr or Microsoft Search Server.

Using the Workarea

For Solr Search2.0 (used with Ektron9.1X), you can see your site's indexing status by going to the workarea and navigating to SettingsConfigurationSearchNode Status . This screen displays the date and time of the last crawl, and whether a new crawl is pending. 

This same information is found in Solr Search1.0 and Microsoft Search configurations, under the Workarea and navigating to SettingsConfigurationSearchStatus .


Through a Search Application

In Microsoft Search, you can see this information by going to SharePoint Central AdminManage Service Application in blue under Application ManagementSearch Service Application in blueContent Sources.

For Solr, you can check crawl status by going to your Solr serverManifoldCF pageStatus and Job Management.

Search2.0 has a login page to ManifoldCF. The user credentials are admin/admin. Per the Solr documentation: 'Enter the login user name and password for your system. By default, the user name is "admin" and the password is "admin", although your system administrator can (and should) change this. Then, click the "Login" button.'