New Search Results are not Returning

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New content is returned in search results. This can happen with Solr or Microsoft Search, and is sometimes accompanied by an infinite crawl.

Key points to check:

  • Is the content folder set to searchable in the Folder Properties?
  • Is the content set to be searchable in the Content Properties?
  • Is there a crawl that has not ended in several hours, or even days?

If an infinite crawl is occurring, you should stop it first by restarting the necessary services.

For Solr:

  • Ektron Solr Process Manager Service 
  • Ektron Solr Admin Service
  • Ektron Asset Transfer Client

For Microsoft Search:

  • Ektron Search Server Service
  • Microsoft Search Server 14

After you stop the crawl, it is  recommended to re-register the site reporting the issue. This action deletes and re-creates the index. This is necessary because the index may have become corrupt.