Registering an Ektron site with Solr

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In some cases, you need to register a site with Solr to initialize, change, or reset the search configuration. Here are the steps to do so.

Please note the below steps will make search results unavailable until the initial crawl completes. Also, Chrome or Firefox will need to be used with the registration tool.

  1. Remote onto the Solr machine and navigate to the following URL. 
  2. If prompted, enter the credentials of the search server user used to install Solr. If you are uncertain of the username navigate to the Windows Services panel, locate the Ektron Solr Process Manager service and identify the user in the Log On As column. Use this user to login in to the site listed in step one.
  3. In the Web Server Name field, enter the machine name of the server with the CMS site you are registering and hit Connect.
  4.  A list of Ektron databases on the server should be listed. Identify the database you wish to register. 
  5. If you have deleted the crawl database, click the start over button, confirm the crawl filter and polling interval settings are correct, and hit the register button. Take time to consider the crawl filters as your choice can make a considerable difference in crawl times.
    If you are registering the site for the first time, the steps are the same minus the start over step.
  6. If everything is configured correctly you should see a registration successful message. Otherwise, search the knowledge base for the error you are receiving and if necessary contact Support.