Solr 6.2.0(Ektron 9.2) issue: Site registration failing on Server 2008r2

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Installing the newest version of Solr(6.2.0 for Ektron 9.2) on a Server 2008r2 VM does not allow registration of Ektron sites and gives the following error. 

Oops! Something went wrong...
A preliminary status check for the search environment has failed. The most common reasons for this are that the target Ektron site is currently being crawled, Solr or ManifoldCF are not running, or the search server does not meet the minimum requirements for hosting Solr. (Code: REQUEST_VALIDATION_FAILED)
Logs are available for this console and for the Ektron Solr Administrative Service, which may contain additional details.
Also, visiting the apache solr URL( gives this. refused to connect.
Admin logs also show a refusal to connect on 7611. This is because the forth java process(starting in 9.2 there is 4 instead of 3) is not starting.
Admin logs are located here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\Search2.0\Administrative Service\Ektron.Cms.Search.Solr.Admin.log


1) Stop the Solr process manager service. 
2) Backup the following file. 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\Search2.0\ProcessManager\Ektron.Cms.Search.Solr.ProcessManager.exe
3) Replace it with this file.
4) Start the Solr process manager service and verify that four processes start.