Extra space is being added after bold content in a smart form's rich text field

  • Updated

In a rich text field in a smart form, creating a bold link with a comma after it will add an extra space after the linked text.

Our engineering team is aware of this issue. At this time, there is a workaround to resolve the issue until a permanent fix can be implemented

  1. Navigate to your siteroot/workarea/contentdesigner/ekajaxtidy.aspx.cs file
  2. Find the following line: output = objEkContent.ConvertHtmlContenttoXHTML(sHtml);
  3. After the code in step 2, add: output = output.Replace("\r\n\r\n,", ",");
  4. Save the file

    *Note: This is a workaround for this specific issue. Depending on the behavior you are seeing with the rich text field, a customization (similar to step 3) specific to your issue will be needed on ekajaxtidy.aspx.cs file.