eWebEditPro Formatting Issues

  • Updated

You've started seeing some odd behavior with the editor when trying to use it typically around how things are formatted.

eWebEditPro is an older product that Ektron no longer develops. As such, with newer technology constantly hitting the market, you may start to find yourself running into incompatibilities.

If you're seeing things like odd formatting, weird functionality, or other UI based issues, the biggest thing to verify is that you're running the editor in an acceptable environment. 

Here are the golden rules of eWebEditPro:

1. eWebEditPro is not compatible with any 64 bit environments. This goes for operating systems and browsers specifically. These environments were not quite yet the norm during eWebEditPro's heyday so the product was not designed with these setups in mind. We've since developed ContentDesigner to handle 64 bit systems.

2. eWebEditPro will have issues with newer browsers like IE9 and above. When the last version of eWebEditPro (5.2) released, Microsoft Vista and IE7 were the top products out there on the market. Chrome didn't yet exist and FireFox was in it's infancy at this point. 

3. Since development on eWebEditPro has ceased, we're unable to make changes or updates to the software.

Please note that while the rules above are very important to remember, it's quite possible that the product may work for you. eWebEditPro was untested on these newer environments considering that they did not yet exist, so there's really no telling how they'll behave for sure.

After all of that, if everything checks out and you're still seeing issues, you'll want to reach out to support for additional troubleshooting.